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Need or desire an amazing musical presentation that is extraordinary and second to none?

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Welcome to: “That Funky Flute.”  You have landed on the right spot.  Excuse me, where are my manners?  I would, first, like to thank you for visiting my website. I hope and trust your stay will be informative, fun, and productive.

My name is Ashley C. Watkins and I am a flutist. Some folks use the more formal expression flautist; others use the general description wind player, or woodwind player. I use the more popular designation flutist. Over my many hours of performing, inquiring minds have even asked if I play a wooden flute. So, for the record, I play a professional silver flute with a gold plated riser.  I have been playing this flute more than 15 years. However, I would love to own a wooden flute someday.  Anyone wanting to donate?

It seems as I play in various venues, audiences wonder and often ask these questions as well: When did you start playing the flute, how many years have you been playing, and how did you get so accomplished? You know, I sometimes think of those uncomplicated days; my humble beginnings, the days I started to play flute. I started this path as many have done before me, in grade school band. I recall, to join of the grade school band a student had to reach third or fourth grade. So when I was old enough to be a band member, I told my parents that I was interested. My dad and mom always supported me when I made decisions, and this time was no different.  It turned out that, this one was one of the best ever. And not to my surprise, they thought it was a great idea for me to join.

I was very nervous and quite anxious on the day we went to choose an instrument. I had my heart set on an oboe. I clearly remember how attracted I was to the way it looked; so sleek and shiny. It was black and slim; it had cool looking keys and a funny shaped reed. I mentioned to the band director I wanted an oboe but they were not available.  I felt deflated, devastated, extremely disappointed. I kept looking though, and finally saw that huge saxophone. Now the saxophone by far was not my first choice. However, it looked as though everyone else wanted a clarinet and, of course I wasn’t going to follow the group.  I recall, as I grabbed the saxophone case, my mother quickly reacted. Never saw her move so fast.  I was a small kid, still a small statured person, and at 9 years old, I was the smallest kid in my class. I could barely hold on to the saxophone case, and all my mother saw was her child struggling to tug, push, pull and lift that huge case on the school bus. She thought a flute would be a better selection for me. Though popular, the flute was not as popular as the clarinet, which clearly was a consolation, since I did not want to be a follower and play what everyone else chose to play. Well fortunately, it saved mom from a coronary, which seem to give her some desired parental relief, no doubt.When I played my first note on the flute, I was shocked, and up to that point no other beginner in my group had done that.

Suffice it to say, that was the beginning of a long-lasting and wonderful relationship. And much to my fulfilment, playing the flute has granted me opportunities to visit places not imagined, introduced me to many different cultures and people, and increased my appreciation for contrasting musical styles and genres. As I continue to grow as a human being and musician, I hope to broaden and expand the manner in which playing flute helps soothe, comfort, and heal minds, bodies, and souls. Louis Armstrong use to say, “What we play is life.”

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My name is Ashley C. Watkins,  I am a flutists  who ascribes to many musical platforms and genres, from classical orchestras, ensembles and flute choirs to solo recitals and jazz functionalities.  Basically, my goal and objective is to identify, enhance and expand performance avenues and opportunities that could and would provide a unique and memorable musical experience to the diverse public. My chosen approach to achieve this dream is to merge and connect to public and private organizations and systems: churches, events promoters, fraternities and sororities, educational institutions, home going services, weddings, special anniversaries and banquets, regionally and also nationally.

As a freelance flutist, I have been playing flute for more than 15 years. I began studying how to play this instrument in grade school. Following public school, I completed an undergraduate degree from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA and a graduate degree from Akron University in Akron, OH; both in music performance on flute.

My contact information, requirements are included on this website. So, when you need or desire an amazing musical presentation that is extraordinary and second to none, do not hesitate to contact me to make your event memorable and fulfilling. You will find samples of my flute presentation on the EPK page of this site or by clicking the following link: https://youtu.be/tjUeaIe8rWo

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Origin: Cambridge, Maryland

Genre: Classical and Jazz

Years Active: 2010 – Present

Official Websites: ashley@ashleycwatkins.com

Ashley Watkins has launched her musical career as a solo flutist in a big way. As a musician who plays one of the most challenging wind instruments in the orchestra, most have commented that Ashley is among the best they have ever heard. After a recent solo performance a patron complemented that her presentation was “extremely emotional and utterly breathtaking.”  Recognition of her talent has begun to generate huge interest across the Mid-Atlantic region. During an interview with Mickey Love, host of “for the love of Art” on WCEM AM, Ashley was lauded as “an outstanding talent and an amazing flutist.”

With major support from family, friends and community, the future with positive results for such a stellar musician is a doorway waiting to explode open. Many of her performances for the past 3 years have been presented at ecumenical events and services, as well as intimate venues and quaint arenas: weddings, home going services, special anniversaries and parties, etc.

Ashley has given solo recitals at The Dorchester Center for the Arts, performed as a special guest at the Conference of United Methodist Bishops; The Conference of Episcopal Bishops; Buffalo Soldiers Memorial Banquet; Howard University School of Music Flute Fete; solo recitalist at the Athenaeum in Northern VA; The Harriett Tubman Center Dedication Banquet; guest flutist at “Thank God for Jazz”, The Clifford Brown Jazz Festival’s opening event; and many, many, memorials, which include more than 150 church services and events.

A native of Cambridge, Maryland, Ashley began playing flute as a participant in the grade school music program. At age 14, she took private flute lessons locally. Her studies and interest continued with joining several regional youth orchestras.She held memberships in the Washington, DC Youth Orchestra, where she toured South Africa in 2002; the Peabody Sinfonietta at the Peabody Conservatory of Music; and the Potomac Valley Youth Orchestra. As a young flutist, Ashley attended many masterclasses and flute seminars throughout the Eastern Seaboard, while being a member in many diverse flute choirs and wind ensembles as well.

She received an undergraduate degree in music performance from James Madison University inHarrisonburg, Virginia under Dr. Beth Chandler in 2007, and a graduate degree in music performance from Akron University in Akron, Ohio in 2010 under George Pope.

Akron, Ohio in 2010 under George Pope.

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Ashley Watkins, flutist

2472 Cambridge Beltway, Cambridge Maryland, 21613

(443-521-3863) watkins.ashley86@yahoo.com


[stm_company_history][stm_company_history_item year=”2008 – 2010″ title=”Section Member” description=”University of Akron Symphony Orchestra, Akron, OH”][stm_company_history_item year=”2006 – 2006″ title=”Second Flute” description=”James Madison University Opera Orchestra, Harrisonburg, VA”][stm_company_history_item year=”2005 – 2005″ title=”Second Flute” description=”James Madison University Opera Orchestra, Harrisonburg, VA”][stm_company_history_item year=”2002 – 2003″ title=”Assistant Principal Flute” description=”Peabody Symphonietta, Baltimore, MD”][stm_company_history_item year=”2003 – 2003″ title=”Second Flute” description=”James Madison University Chamber Orchestra, Harrisonburg, VA”][stm_company_history_item year=”2001 – 2002″ title=”Principal Flute” description=”D.C. Youth Orchestra, Washington, D.C.”][/stm_company_history]
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